September 30, 2011

This weekend...

I have been getting a few emails with questions about the Street Chopper Party hopefully this should clear things up. As you should all know by now, everyone is welcome and we don't care how you arrive, as long as you arrive. Motorcycle, Moped, Car, Bus, Plane or Train don't matter much to me! The party is going on rain or shine. We are going to open up the shop, supply some free magazines, music and the seeds of stimulating conversation, where it goes from here will be entirely up to you. Additionally, the bar will be open and I will probably buy a few rounds. This officially ends my party planning. I hope you all can make it. Saturday Oct. 1st. 8pm till…

PS we will be selling tickets for the The S&M Aidan has a posse raffle.

September 29, 2011

Map to the shop

Hope you all make it out to the Street Chopper Issue Release Party this Saturday.

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September 19, 2011

September 15, 2011

Stretch your drinking muscles… UPDATE!

We are gonna have some post Gypsy Run fun this week!. Thursday we will be at LONE WOLF for the Street Chopper / Kickstart Cycle Supply old fashioned Brooklyn Drink Up! We are gonna serve up some free Tacos and the BLACK TIBETANS are playing. EPIC! Friday is the DicE party, featuring Tyler's Salt Ghost movie, if you have never been to a DicE Party you owe it to your self to get there. Finally on Saturday stop by our booth at the best bike show on the east coast, the Brooklyn Invitational. Stretch your drinking muscles, you don't want to sprain something. See ya there. ~ Walter

PS We are going to have the S&M KSCS BIG CRUISER on hand at all the events so you can see the object of desire. Find out about Aidan here. AIDAN HAS A POSSE




September 4, 2011