September 28, 2012

Vanson Leather and Kickstart Cycle Supply

Stacy in the Stormer Waxed Cotton Jacket

Between the Gypsy Run, the 6 Over premiere, the Brooklyn Invatational and our usual amount of crazy. It has been a busy few weeks. One of the things that have had us working overtime is our project with Vanson Leathers. If you stopped by the booth at the Invational you may have seen or tried on one of the prototypes. All I can say is they went over very well and we should be taking orders in the next few weeks. Stay tuned to the site for more details and photos. In other Vanson News, the popular Waxed Cotton Jackets are back in production right here in the USA! Now Vanson's entire line is hand made in the Fall River, Mass factory. ~Walter

September 26, 2012

Our Shop Phone.

lady on phone
We have been having a bit of trouble with out shop phone lately. Sorry, it is all sorted out now. Contact us HERE.

September 24, 2012

What a weekend!

Canadian Chris ©2011 Sir Renshaw Hiscox

I'm still recovering from one of the best weekends of the year. First off I need to thank Mike Schmidt, Matt & Dean from DicE and Chris from Loser Machine Company for all the hard work that went into the 6OVER Screening. It was great. Everyone had a great time and the film looked amazing on the big screen! Later that night was the Annual DicE Brooklyn release party. There were chills, spills and epic tales told! Briliant! The next morning started with a bit of a hangover, and a trip over to the Indian Larry block party. Classy and well done Bobby and the crew owned a huge chunk of Brooklyn real estate for the better part of the day. Late afternoon the Brooklyn invitational open the doors to the public . The bikes to keep getting better and and so do the people. It was a great week I couldn't imagine going better. II would like to thank everybody that stopped by our booth and supported us. Hope to see you all next year. Book your vacation time now! ~Walter

September 20, 2012

Our VIPs!

Okay we have VIP gift bag winners! Peter and Craig. The photos speak for themselves… (tell me again why the very Hot, Hot girls didn't win?) See you in Brooklyn Gentelmen! ~ Walter


September 18, 2012

Ride in… Dammit! RIDE IN!

Got a message from John & Jefro today...

This year we will be picking one bike from the everyone who rides to the invitational to be in the show! We will select the bike from the street at 5pm SHARP! so if you would like to have a chance at this, please be there by 4pm. Winner will receive a special Brooklyn Invitational package and must be willing to leave their bike inside for the duration of the show. We are really excited to have this be a part of the event this year and look forward to seeing everyone there!

Ride Bitches… ride. ~ brooklyn invitational

September 17, 2012

Everyone is a WINNER!

We picked all the winners for the theater tickets and notified them this evening by email. Thank you all for your kind emails for tickets. We wish we could accomade everyone but we simply did not have the room. We hate to exclued anyone who is in our thing so... what we are going to do is, Set up a few flat screen TV's at the bar and watch the movie at the same time as the folks in the theater. We will be giving away drinks, posters and stuff! So, no tickets needed. Just show up and have a few drinks and a lot of fun. Afterwards we will all roll over to the Gutter for the Dice party. Thanks for all the support! Before you go just a quick word about the LMC VIP Give Away... The drawing is this Wednesday. This is what you are up against SLACKERS! Get to WORK! You are about to get your ass handed to you by two girls from Portugal! Actually, I am pulling for them to win! So on second thought, DO NOT Send your photos to Chris at: See ya in Brooklyn! ~Walter

Doors @ 6pm Showtime 7pm
Indie Screen, LLC
285-289 Kent Avenue (AKA 31 South 2 Street) Brooklyn, NY 11211
347 227 8030 |


September 16, 2012

Mad Cats and Englishmen?

I love getting emails from The Most Venerated High Lord Viscount Renshaw Hiscox…


September 14, 2012

The LMC VIP Give away!

Chris at Loser Machine Company has put together two briliant VIP bags for the 6 Over premier... but you have to work for it! You get a limited edition Loser Machine/Kickstart Cycle Supply shirt, a pair of LM gloves, a 6OVER DVD and the latest copy of DicE and two (2) Tickets to the movie.
Here is all you have to do... Send Chris a photo submission, make him laugh or cringe it's up to you. He will pick the 2 best submissions on Wednesday, September 19th and announce them on the LMC blog.
*NOTE: He will also post the chosen 2 pictures on the LMC Blog for the world to see!
You must pick up the tickets and VIP packs at the event on Friday night in Brooklyn. Good luck!
Send submissions to: ~ Walter


The Trip Out

Some of my favorite English. Next time, less skate punks more GO GO Girls!


Thank you all for your paitence. I have cought up on my shipping and will be getting orders out today. thanks for all the support! ~ Walter


September 13, 2012

OK Dats Dat!!!

Shocking! Seven Hundred Thirty Seven requests for tickets! Demand once again kicks suppys ass! Give me a second to figure out how to pick the winners. I think some kind of hat will be involved. Once I get that done I will email the winners with all the details.


September 12, 2012

I have to admit….

I am blown away by the amount of emails I have received for the 6 OVER TICKETS. I'm going to extend the time till Thursday Morning before start picking names, to give everybody a fair shot. Thank you to everybody who signed up for our MAILING LIST. Occasionally I'll send you a email letting you know about sales or events were are promoting like this awesome 6 OVER NYC Theatrical Premiere. I promise i will never share your info with anyone and I will try my best not to annoy you… OH, I don't know… like someone that wants something for FREE and won't even sign up for you mailing list… that you have been WORKING REALLY HARD ON! YA KNOW… LIKE THAT!!!! ~ Walter


September 11, 2012

6 Over NYC tickets

6over_hdr copy

So by now I hope you know we got together with DICE and LOSER MACHINE COMPANY to put together a theatrical showing of the 6OVER film in NYC the night before the Brooklyn Invitational Bike Show. We are giving away a limited number of tickets starting NOW. If you want tickets there are a few things you need to know. The theater is in Williamsburg Brooklyn. There is no fashionable lateness. If you are late I will give away your seat to the next guy, so don't be. Doors are at 6pm. at 6:30 I am going to start going through the stand by list. The show starts at 7:pm SHARP! While you may be thinking, "wow you don't have to be a prick about it…" The sad thing is, I do. There is more demand then supply and I don't want a seat going to waste because someone had to finish there Chi Decaf Tea before hailing a cab. With all that being said… We found a brilliant theater and this is going to be a fantastic night for everybody. So all you have to do to win tickets is email me. HERE. Enter 6OVERTKS in the subject line. I'm going to pick the winners and contact everybody by this time tomorrow. But wait, that's not all! There is one more way for you to win tickets. Our buddies over at LMC are doing a super special promotion! They are giving away two pair of tickets and a stuffed VIP gift bag just like Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson used to get! Head over to their site for details. See you in Brooklyn! ~Walter

Bob Marley the Metal Years

September 10, 2012

New Shirts!

Going to have some new shirts in time for the Brooklyn Innovational. Briliant artwork by Adam Nickel. I'm sure Urbain Outfitters will try to steal this one as well! Stop by our booth and get one before they do.


September 5, 2012

All Gypsy Run All the Time...

Hello folks, sorry I've been neglecting my posting duties here lately. I have been over on the Gypsy Run site typing away like a mad man! I hope you can make it on the run, if not follow along, we will be posting via Twitter and the ever popular Instagram! Once we get back from the Run we will be giving away tickets for the 6 Over Movie Event in Brooklyn. Getting set for the Indian Larry Block Party, The Brooklyn Invitational and our First Annual Swap Meet. Where ever you are, try to get in as many miles as you can before Mister Coldmiser ruins it for everyone!