February 24, 2012

The Unfinished Bike Show

Mike 47 is putting on his annual The Unfinished Bike Show this Saturday. All the info you need is HERE. Don't be square, BE THERE!!!!!!!

February 23, 2012

He looks shorter on TV.

I know you have probably seen Brandon's latest tank already, but it is just ridiculous! Check out what the mad scientist is up to at Mullins Chain Drive

February 20, 2012

Born Free 4 Build - 01

Long story short, I somehow got invited to build a bike for Born Free 4. I think Mike and Grant were most likely drunk when they wrote my name down. Regardless, I am feeling a bit of pressure to exceed expectations, there are so many builders that are more deserving of a place on this list than I am. I know most of the guys and I am looking forward to getting to know the ones I don't.  I have a huge amount of respect for every one of these guys and I am honored to be in their company. Also, being the only east coast builder If I don't show up properly, I will most likely suffer a "unfortunate accident" on my way home. With all this in mind I am going to try my best to keep you up to date on the build, starting today. I have made a final decision on my bike. The major components will be... a Delkron cased "performance enhanced" flatside shovel, Hard-tailed four speed frame, Springer with Akronts fore and aft. Most importantly, during the duration of this build I am going to follow the best advice I have ever received. "Done is better that perfect"... but perfect would be awesome!  ~Walter

February 13, 2012


Had a great time in MD. this weekend. Got to hang out with some old friends and make some new ones.
The Lowside crew KILLED IT. Don't miss it next year! ~ Walter

The syndicate

Show Class in full effect!

My sexy sales manager Win.

Not bad... for a car

Rebels are for pussies...

Deb beating them off with a stick.

ULH side hack. Just awesome.

Two of a perfect pair

Great stance and details.

Safely back in Jersey.

February 10, 2012

Timonium or BUST!

We are heading down to Baltimore today for the Timonium Bike Show. Stop by the booth to see some of our new products, pick up the latest Greasy Kulture of get some of your favorite Biltwell items. Even better, stop by and say hi. See ya there! ~ Walter

February 9, 2012

Josh's Sport

You may have noticed the handsome devil in the our latest ad in Greasy Kulture. That is BF Josh. (The same Josh in the header image above and soon to be SB Josh, but that is another story entirely.) He has decided to part with his sporty looking sportster in order to finance his need for a Shovelhead. Click the picture for all the details in the Chop Cult Classifieds.

February 6, 2012

The Social

Fun was had by all. There was a great turnout. Big up to Brooklyn for a strong showing. If you missed the surprise EDR Documentary screening, you can get a copy Here. See nothing bad happens when you go to Jersey.  ~Walter

Photos by Steve Kostyn

February 3, 2012

All tonight's parties...

If you couldn't make it to the LOVE CYCLES 3rd anniversary party, or you couldn't BRODOWN in Cincinnati. We are here for ya, come on out to the SOCIAL, I'll have a drink waiting for ya, and a big hug if ya need it...