April 26, 2012

This weekend

It sounds like a good weekend to go for a ride! VANSON is having their annual open house starting today. (Thur. to Sun.) Stop by for some awesome leather deals, huge Swap Meet and say meet the LOWSIDE crew! Friday night GENUINE MOTORWORKS & INDIAN LARRY MOTORCYCLES are hosting a party for CYCLE SOURCE Magazine for their 15th. Anniversary! Music, drinks, food, film, art, and good people. If you are a bit south, head over to the DIXIE ROUNDUP in Vandiver Al. There ya go! Lots of cool stuff to do! Get on yer Bikes!

April 16, 2012

Coming Soon.

We are working with Rico from Hi Bond Modified on an update to his classic kicker pedal. Stay tuned.

April 13, 2012

My Mailman

I do love my mailman. Other than being devilishly handsome, he always brings me great stuff! For example, on my birthday he showed up with these brilliant Powerlet heated glove liners! Can't wait to road test them on the way to the Dixie Roundup. Thank you United States Postal Service! And more importantly, Thank you Davan, very cool! (I mean warm... toasty warm!)

April 7, 2012

April 5, 2012

St Louis Wil ???

Despite his inability to operate the complex technologies that make up the modern telephone, "Chicago" Wil Thomas is a class act. Oh yea... he can't skate either.

April 4, 2012

Creative Writing

I love motorcycles. There are a few things that beat out my passion for two wheeled transportation. My wife and son are the obvious ones. My friends are also more important to me than machines. I have come to terms with my affliction but I have never put any critical thought into the how and why of my obsevice nature, luckily Caleb and Brandon have. Both of these posts are worth their word count in gold. Read on my friends. ~ Walter

Mr. Decker by Mr. Wright