June 29, 2012

California living

Well we made it to sunny California. It was a fantastic trip. Gentry is a road warrior. He showed tons of class the entire trip. We arrived in temecula Thursday morning, I spent the day working around the Biltwell HQ helping Bill and the crew prep for Born Free. Today we're heading over to the show site to set up and catch up with some old friends. I'll try to my best to post some pics from the show but they say so reception is spotty at best. Thanks for keeping up, talk to you soon.

June 24, 2012

On the road...

Other than being home with my family or surrounded by my friends, my favorite place to be is on the way somewhere. Right now, as you are reading this, I am headed west. Born Free Bound. A 6000 mile gift from my beautiful wife. I am thankful that I have the opportunity to do things like this. I hope everyone has the chance to someday. When you do you will see the adventure of the everyday. People are nicer than you think they will be. People are kinder than you give them credit for. People will surprise you if you let them. Get out there. Turn off your phone. Ride your bike. ~ Walter

June 23, 2012

Things to do in LA...

Well the last of the Wes White Got Hurt Shirts shipped out yesterday. Thank you all for your help getting Wes fixed up! Especially Andy and the entire crew at American Icon Screen printing for designing and donating the shirts. I have sent whats left to Four Aces. They will post them on their site so you have a chance to do some early Xmas shopping. You can sign Wes' cast tonight at the Garage Company hosted benefit party. Not only would you be supporting a good cause, you would get to see the mind boggling collection of cool that is the Garage Company

Wes White Got Hurt Shirts going worldwide!

June 20, 2012

HELP in Kansas! Riders broke down

The Chicagoans are in Fort Riley, Kansas on the I-70 and need a Harley generator, if you are near by or can help, email hardluck235@hotmail.com

June 14, 2012

Wes Got Hurt Shirt! NOW SHIPPING!

I went home for lunch today to find some large boxes on the porch from American Icon that were bursting full of love. Thats right folks, the Wes Got Hurt Shirts are ready to ship! I will get the first wave in the mail tomorrow.  We will be selling shirts till Monday June 18th. After that you will have to go to the Wes White is on the mend party to get one. Thanks for all the support. Wes really appreciates it. All sizes now in stock! Small through XXLarge!

Eli supporting a Small! Get yours!

Wes White Benefit. Saturday, June 23rd at The Garage Company in Inglewood Ca. 2 pm to 8 pm. Free food & drinks, lots of motorcycles. Mike & Grant will have both of the Born Free Shovelheads set up for you to drool over.

M&M... &M

Max, Michael and Matt. Born Free Four Builders videos.

June 6, 2012

The community we belong to. (Wes White UPDATE)

This is what I love about the community we belong to! I just got off the phone with Andy from American Icon. The hudson river crew wanted to help out Wes as well so they came up with this brilliant design! They are printing up the shirts right now and I should have them in hand to ship in a few days. Andy and Company are donating the shirts so ALL THE MONEY will go directly to Wes' hospital tab. You can order them in the STORE right now. so go get them! 

Wes White broke something...

Recently our friend and Triumph lover, Wes White, got hit and ran over. He will be in a cast for a while and has a huge hospital bill to deal with. The fact that Wes is self employed (Four Aces) makes this even tougher. He can't call in sick, he can't get the dude in accounting to cover for him, he has to struggle through it. Oh yea... to add insult to the injury, the cowardly asshole who hit him ran away. With al this in mind, we are going to try to help Wes out. Not because he asked. Because he would never ask. Starting today, we are going to apply a portion of all our t-shirt sales to Wes' hospital bill. Not only will you be buying a cool shirt, you will help balance out the universe! (Karmically speaking, of course.) ~Walter

June 4, 2012

Thanks Loser!

After a long night at the shop I came home to find a nice package from Chris at Loser Machine. I promptly chased the Advil with the Jack Daniels, smacked my wife's ass with the gloves then cleaned up all the blood with the shop rags. Oh yea, the blood was from Lori stabing me with the big "SAFETY" pin after I smacked her ass with the gloves. Still don't know what chain wax is for, but I'll figure it out. Thanks Chris!