May 8, 2012

One step forward, Two wheels back (on the bench)

After a long weekend of being "social" (that's the polite term for being a drunk) I thought I should check out my new wheels for the Born Free build. 19" fore and aft. Star hubs w/ Stainless spokes. Yea, that's gonna work. ~ Walter


Diesel said...

Nice! Your in the lead! Bastard.

Roadside Marty said...

Damn brother that's looking tight!! It was great meeting you in B'Ham, do you still need those shocks and that brake line??? Roadside

Stone said...

Walter --- this is Steven from Bolts Action...
I just saw your ad for the FXRP bags on Chop Cult.
I'm tryin' to get in touch with you any way I can think of... if you still have 'em, I want 'em!
Hit me back at blacklistvisual AT hotmail DOT com, or call/text me at 801-360-8937.